Paleo… the caveman diet?


What is the Paleo diet?ribs

Let’s get some things out of the way, shall we?

No, I don’t eat Flintstones-sized ribs (though I wouldn’t mind) and I don’t walk around in cloths. I use┬áthe internet and I eat fruits and vegetables that didn’t exist (at least in this form) in the Paleolithic era. I drive my car, use my food processor, and think dried coconut chips are a great snack.

So what is it, and why is it called Paleo? Read more

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Paleo Recipe Roundup: Best of the Best

Here’s the thing. I’m a 20something self-taught cook who used to think “cooking” involved a microwave, or untying the bag of bread and spreading on some peanut butter. Or just using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter SPRAY if I didn’t want to dirty a knife in spreading the peanut butter. That is a lot of years of gruesome, nutrient poor, relatively flavorless food.

All this goes to say that if I can make these Paleo recipes, if I believe these homemade, nutrient-dense meals are WORTH the time it takes to make them, then you absolutely can too. Read more

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Vital Proteins or Great Lakes Collagen

In this week’s episode of This Vs That, let’s take a deep dive into the 2 main sources of collagen in the Paleo community.

First, why bother with collagen? Here are some things that it’ll make look amazing:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Eyelashes

People make a lot of money for Botox, collagen fillers, and collagen in beauty products. Imagine how much cheaper, and safer, it would be to make yourself beautiful from the inside out! Read more

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How To Sneak In Vegetables

Vegetables are the key pillar of a healthy diet. It’s the one thing that Paleo people, vegans, whole-wheat and low fat advocates, low-salt and low-cholesterol champions all agree on. Eat more vegetables! Eat the rainbow! The nutrients in vegetables can actually heal disease, prevent disease, increase longevity, increase brain power and alertness, balance your mood, and improve your performance.


This post is a recipe roundup of tons of ideas and tricks to get more vegetables into your and your family’s diet! Alllll the nutrients! Read more

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Like a MTHFR…

If you’ve been around the natural health word for awhile, you might have seen the letters MTHFR pop up. Some people mention it, some people discuss it in length, some people say “whew, glad I don’t have that!” So what is it? I’ll be going through the whats, the symptoms, and the possible treatment of this condition that affects a large minority of us! Read more

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Vitamins For Stress

Lifestyle changes are critical for managing stress effectively longterm. Any pills or tinctures are a quick fix, a bandaid for a larger problem. Changes in lifestyle need to be a priority in order to have radiant health – make sure you check out my thoughts on adrenal fatigue here. However, when the stress gets HIGH, sometimes a quick fix is EXACTLY what’s needed in order to take a breath and stop and center yourself enough to work on lifestyle issues. So here are the quick fixes of supplemental support you can give yourself while going through a stressful time! Read more

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Hacking Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue…

Is not a thing. Your adrenals do not get tired. It’s not like, aw, poor guys, have a nap, zen fire zee missiles!

Instead, Adrenal Fatigue is the common, more well-known and easier to say misnomer for the very real condition hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis dysregulation. Which pretty much every female (as least in western society) has or has had at some point in her life. And a fair share of men, too. Read more

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Pan Fried Chicken Thighs

Sometimes the oven feels hard. Rationally, I know this is ridiculous, and that cooking on the stovetop can take just as long as cooking in the oven. But there’s the whole waiting until the oven is warmed up, and also the whole thing of heating your entire apartment (okay, my apartment is very small). Read more

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